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Choosing the right crate size for your puppy and dog

Choosing the right crate size for your puppy and dog

i.Pet Dog Crate Size Guide

Being one of the largest online pet supplies, here at i.Pet we stock a range of dog products, and that includes our popular dog crates! i.Pet wants to ensure that pet owners choose the right sized crate for your dog. The correct size will help your dog to feel content and safe. Dogs may feel uncomfortable if a chosen crate is too small.  

Our collapsible dog crate or cage comes are heavy duty, portable, and collapsible. These crates come in 5 different sizes, and some include crate covers. To make sure you enjoy these amazing features of our dog crates, we have attached a guide for you make the right crate choice. 

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Quick tip: Grab a tape to measure your dog's length and height. Add between 2-4 inches to both measurement for the ideal crate size.

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