i.Pet 2-Storey Tall Wooden Rabbit Hutch
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i.Pet 3-Storey Waterproof Outdoor Pet Hutch 91.5cm x 46cm x 116.5cm
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i.Pet Rabbit Cage - Metal Cage hutch (122CM Length) - i.Pet
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i.Pet Rust Proof Wooden Outdoor Hutch for Rabbits, Chickens, Guinea Pigs
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i.Pet Large Metal Rabbit Hutch - Black - i.Pet
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i.Pet 2 Storey Wooden Rabbit Hutch - i.Pet
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i.Pet Triangle Wooden Pet Hutch
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i.Pet Indoor Rabbit Cage with Stand - Blue
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i.Pet Easy Access Rabbit Hutch Chicken Coop Extension
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i.Pet 138cm Wide Wooden Pet Hutch with Stairs
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i.Pet Chicken Coop Rabbit Hutch Wooden Cage Pet Hutch 165cm x 52cm x 86cm - i.Pet
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i.Pet Metal Rabbit Hutch 162cm
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Something for every animal – not just cat and dogs

Cats and dogs are popular pets, but they are not the only animals that we can call our family and friends. There are also rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens, ferrets, hamsters and many more. Here at i.Pet, we care about the welfare of all animals. That is why in addition to dog kennels, dog cages, dog playpens, dog ramps, cat trees, pet strollers and bird cages, we offer a fun range of other pet homes of various sizes, designs and features. Whether you are after a chicken coop or a ferret cage, our collection has you well-covered so that your pet can live in a spacious and comfortable home that may as well have been purposefully built for them. We also stock animal traps that allow you to capture wild or stray animals at your property safely without harming them. So, why not hop to it and take a gander at our range of animal products?

We care about all animals, pets or wild

i.Pet Rabbit hutches: Chicken coop, rabbit hutch, guinea pig hutch, ferret cage. Whatever you need, we have it. Each pet home is made with quality eco-friendly materials in practical designs and durable construction, to provide your pets with five-star living environments where they can run around and laze about comfortably while safely protected from predators and the elements. Features such as slide-out trays and lift-up roofs also make cleaning and feeding a lot easier for you as well.

i.Pet Animal Traps: Is there a feral cat keeping you up at night? A possum running around in your roof? A wild rabbit eating up your garden? Use our animal traps to humanely capture wild animals and stray pets trespassing on your property. They come in various sizes and designs to suit the animal you want to capture and to keep it safe and secure until it can be taken to a more suitable location. But before you use the traps, remember to check local legislations, regulations and services on capturing and relocating animals. For example, possums can only be released within 50m of their capture site.