i.Pet Cat Scratching Post with Hanging Toy and Cat Cave - Dark Grey
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i.Pet Cat Tree 260cm Trees Scratching Post Scratcher Tower Condo House Furniture Wood - i.Pet
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i.Pet Multi-level Cat Scratching Post 100cm - Grey
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i.Pet Cat Scratching Post 134cm - Beige
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i.Pet Multi-Level Cat Scratching Post 193cm - Dark Grey
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Quality i.Pet cat products more pleasing than catnip

As the famous saying “curiosity killed the cat” suggests, cats are naturally inquisitive. Also independent, predatory, playful, mischievous and even cheeky. They dig their claws into anything and everything, tearing up your sofa and carpet. They like to explore hidden nooks and crannies and often find themselves stuck in things unable to get out. And that is why you need our quality i.Pet cat supplies to keep your feline friends occupied and satisfy their natural instincts. No more being surprised by what the mouser dragged in! We have a wide range of products available, big cat trees, scratching poles, and strollers - to provide entertainment and comfort for your kitties, so that they can keep purring happily throughout their nine lives. Start prowling our cat collection now!

Our range of paw-some i.Pet cat trees and strollers

iPet Cat trees: Domesticated cats can still satisfy their natural instincts with our cat trees, which range from the simplest standalone scratching posts to condo-style cat houses. With features such as multiple perches, sisal-covered scratching posts, hanging mouse toys, hammocks, tunnels and cosy bed nooks, your feline friends will enjoy hours of exploring, hiding, scratching, leaping, climbing and lounging.

iPet Cat strollers: Do not let injuries, arthritis, and health problems leave your beloved cats and kittens homebound, take them for a stroll with our pet strollers. Our quality pet strollers are sturdy and will give your kitties the most comfortable and safe ride possible. They are also easily cleaned and have spacious storage to make pet walks easier for you.